What’s [Make]New?

[Make]New is a Christian fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh where you can meet new people, ask about the big questions of life, learn about God and study the bible with people from various backgrounds. On top of that, we do life together — hanging out in each other’s dorms, eating good food, supporting each other during difficult times, and making life-long memories. Check us out! 


Who We Are

Many of us at [Make]New came from different backgrounds. Some of us grew up going to church every Sunday or went just because our parents made us, and some of us didn’t go to church at all growing up. Either way, whether you’ve grown up going to Church or you’ve never even opened a Bible, we invite you to investigate and discover God’s purpose for our lives. 

At [Make]New, we've found a place to call home and fallen in love with the portrait of the early church in Acts2. In Acts2, people met in each other’s homes, grew their relationship with God, took care of one another, and considered each other like family. That’s a tall order but we try to live it out!