[Make]New is a Christian fellowship at Pitt. We meet weekly on campus for Bible Studies, as well as throughout the week for small groups and other activities. It’s a safe and fun place to make some friends, think about the big questions in life, and get some answers as we investigate and discover God’s purpose for us.

What We Do


[Make]New Fridays

Our weekly large group, and where community happens. We start with a hot meal, study the Bible together, and have a ton of fun afterwards. If you're new to [Make]New, [Make]New Fridays is the place to start.



Picture getting together with friends and sharing a meal, talking about your crazy day, and going through life's ups and downs together. We meet at various times and locations throughout the week.


Sunday Service

Most of us attend Sunday Service at Winchester Thurston. Whether you grew up in the church or never stepped foot in one, you're more than welcome to join us!